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At A11MASSAGE we buy fresh aromatic essential oils and blend them, candles, if you want, and soft music to relax to

Our lubricating massage products, all from fruits-of-the-tree nut oils, are certified Kosher. The only oils that are recommended to use on your skin (which eventually get absorbed into your system) are those that you could ingest, as food for your body, and be comfortable with their taste too (and not only their consistency and aroma, like extra virgin olive oil, walnut oil, etc.).

We do not use mineral oils, like the paraffin-rich commercial brands. All oils are refrigerated until ready to use to ensure freshness. Gentle heating of the oil prior to the massage session and/or during the session for your comfort is optional, or physically warming up the hands by vigorously rubbing of the therapist's hands together, is an alternative.

The essential oils are volatile oils that impart their aroma and enhance your experience. Oils such as lavender to relax you, or sandalwood, and a combination of appropriate others, customized to your specific needs, will make your specific healing uniquely complete.

When appropriate, additional aids may be recommended such as heating pads, cold packs, other mechanical stimulators for extra localized pressure, delightful sound effects including water fountains, and dimmed lighting with scented candles.

Also available are foot spa, (portable unit) and full body portable Jacuzzi mattress designed for the tub offering high powered bubbles offering soothing care (low/medium/full-force settings) re-oxygenating and rejuvenating the skin and stimulating muscle tone response while relaxing the nerves!

What kind of massage should I get? Do I need A11MASSAGE's sports massage or relaxing type of massage? Why would I get an appointment at A11MASSAGE today?

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