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A11MASSAGE - we respect religious practices, and have male masseurs for men, and female masseuses for women, for all those who observe the Biblical Laws concerning Shomer Negiya.

Our promise to you: At A11MASSAGE you will be treated by our professional therapists, conducting a respectable Shomer Shabbat business, and therefore, are conscious of the prohibition of working on the Sabbath and are open for business, therefore, weekdays Monday to Friday beginning early morning Monday and every day of the normal work weekday except- late Friday morning, or early Friday afternoon well before Shabbat, no later than to end by One-Thirty PM Friday, Saturday only an hour or so after sunset any time thereafter in the evening of Saturdays, and all day Sunday.

Education: All therapists besides being certified in massage therapy, also have an academic level of education that includes at least a Bachelor's of Science degree, or higher, and are experienced in performing strictly professional massages for more than two years. A11MASSAGE has a combined 28 years' worth of strict massage experience.

Maximum length for anyone continuously (one long massage) goes for five hours.

Minimum length of treatment is for five minutes.

Payment terms are cash in advance, before the session begins.

No checks, and, please: no rain-checks, either. Smile!

Types of massage are:
Acupressure, Alexander, Aromatherapy, Attunement, Back Facials, Bonnie Prudden Myotherapy, Bowen Therapy, Breema and Self-Breema, Candling/Ear Coning (releases wax buildup inside ears), Colon Massage, CranioSacral, Deep Tissue, Effleurage, Energy Bodywork & Balancing Holds, Fitness Workout Companion with membership at LA Fitness, Nutritional Counseling, Geriatric Massage, Hawaiian Lomilomi, Heller Work, Hospice Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Infant Massage, Jacuzzi-Foot-Soother-Water-Jet Massage, Kokden Technique, Manual Circulatory Lymphatic Drainage, Medical Massage, Muscle Release Technique, Myofascial Techniques, Myotherapy, Neonatal Massage, Neuromuscular Therapy, Pain Management/Pain Erasure, Pet Massage, Pfrimmer Deep Muscle, Polarity, Pregnancy Massage, Post-Surgery Breast Massage, Reflexology, Reiki-Medical Qi Kung, Relaxation Massage, Shiatsu, Sleep apnea and stress reduction, Spa Techniques, Sports Massage, Stress Reduction, Swedish Massage, Thai Massage, Therapeutic Touch, Trager, Trepidations (Stretching/Movement Therapy),Trigger Point Therapy, Tui Na (Chinese massage based on meridians) And other customized treatments.

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