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Effects and Benefits of Massage

  1. Stimulate blood circulation and improve tissue condition - as the hands press the tissues and move along, they increase arterial blood flow and venous return, especially in deep effleurage. This speeds up the metabolic rate and improves the condition of tissues.

  2. Stimulate lymphatic circulation and drainage - Lymphatic circulation is increased in the same way as blood circulation. This prevents stagnation of fluid in tissues, and prevents toxic build up, acting as a very potent deterrent for cancers.

  3. Improve the condition of the skin - increased blood flow and dilation of capillaries in the skin improves nourishment, whilst movement and friction of the hands speed up desquamation.

  4. Promote physical and mental relaxation - increased warmth, generated by increased blood flow and slow, calming rhythmical movements, help to promote relaxation. Stroking especially promotes relaxation producing sensations of deep relaxation and inducing sleep.

  5. Improve the condition of muscle tissue - kneading mobilises tissues, aiding their extensibility, flexibility and elasticity. It also helps loosen tight fascia and adhesions and increases muscle nourishment.

  6. Reduce stiffness and pain - improved tissue mobility and nourishment relaxes muscles and reduces stiffness and pain.

  7. Stimulate bone nourishment - deep kneading presses tissue against bone, stimulating blood supply to the periosteum. This increases delivery of nutrients to the bone.

  8. Aid fluid absorption around joints - helps lubrication of joints.

  9. Soften adipose tissue and aid the elimination of cellulite - massage movements help to soften areas of hard adipose tissue and reintroduce it back into the circulatory system.

  10. Stimulate muscle contraction and aid muscle tone - due to their quick action, certain massage movements stimulate muscle contraction. However, their effects on muscle tone are negligible and greater on very sedentary people, those restricted from exercise.

  11. Invigorate - some massage movements are effective to reduce fatigue; are you feeling tired? Then you require an invigorating and stimulating massage!

  12. Psychological effects - the experience of physical pleasure, the feeling of being cared for and supported and an increase in mental and physical relaxation. Who would not like the results of increased feelings of well being, energy and vitality and a renewed ability to cope with stress?

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