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Effects and Benefits of Sports Massage

In addition to the effects and benefits of general massage, a sports or deep-tissue massage has the following uses:

  1. Break down adhesions in tissues - massage helps to relieve the tension and inflexibility caused by a build-up of scar tissue in soft tissues such as muscles, tendons and ligaments. This may be present as a result of past injuries or repeated micro-trauma.

  2. Increase Tissue Permeability - deep massage causes the pores in tissue membranes to open, facilitating the exchange of fluids. Won't you take a moment to improves the removal of waste products such as lactic acid, which builds up during and after vigorous exercise? Let your muscles absorb the very rich, oxygenated nutrients which are needed to repair and build up tissue following training.

  3. Stretch muscles, tendons and fascia - massage can stretch those tissues that cannot be reached by other means and also stretch the fascia that surrounds muscle, thus releasing any tension.

  4. Improve sports performance and endurance - through massage remove the build up of general aches and pains can be removed.

  5. Prevent injuries and loss of joint mobility in potential trouble spots - hands are used to explore the tissues, find problems and deal with them accordingly.

  6. Enable a faster return to activity after injury - manipulation of the injured tissues will result in preventing adhesions forming by realigning scar tissue.

  7. Release of muscle spasms - massage induces a relaxation and de-sensitisation of the muscle spindles that will lead to improved joint mobility, as well as lowering the stress levels placed upon the body.

  8. Extend the overall life of an athletic career - sports massage helps to maintain the entire body in a better physical condition.

  9. Psychological effects - During the pre?sport massage when the movements are quick and stimulating, the athlete will have a feeling of warmth and readiness to perform. Massage can relieve anxiety before and after an event.

  10. Rejuventation, with immediate results - enables you to rebuild every cell in the body that has been broken down by exercise and weight-bearing activities, such that you not only feel younger, but can perform at a harder level more easily.

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